Scott Kranz


Scott Kranz is a full-time commercial and editorial photographer and storyteller based in Seattle.


Scott Kranz is a full-time commercial and editorial photographer and storyteller specializing in outdoor sports, lifestyle, landscape, and travel imagery.



Services —

Photo Assignments
Image Licensing
Social Media Content Creation
Short-Form Video
Blogs & Journals
Social Media Campaigns
Speaking Engagements


Client List —

Black Diamond
Eddie Bauer
Backpacker Magazine
Peak Design
MeFOTO Tripods
Travel Alberta
The Outbound Collective
And many more...



With a fiery passion for the mountains and all things outdoors, Scott Kranz (@scott_kranz) specializes in capturing authentic moments in real adventures while surrounded by the most wild, rugged, and pristine beauty of North America and beyond.

Scott is not your typical creative. A philosophy graduate of a small liberal arts university in the Midwest, a former attorney and juris doctor, Scott Kranz fully transitioned his original career into full-time commercial and editorial photography and storytelling, with a focus on outdoor sports, lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography.

Scott has been nothing but awesome to work with. He is extremely professional, has taken the time to get to know and understand Black Diamond as a brand, is always willing to go above and beyond in whatever project we’re working on and he continues to push his limits and expand his photography skills
— Katy Dannenberg, Digital Producer, Black Diamond
Not only is Scott a talented photographer and storyteller, but he made it incredibly easy for us to work with him by providing a clear outline of timeline and deliverables. I would not hesitate to work with him again.
— Emily Forsha, Content Manager, Travel Oregon
I see beautiful photos every day, but Scott’s are above and beyond. Scott’s pierce me and stick with me and come to mind throughout the day. Scott’s are the kind I have to share. Scott is truly talented and his work is deeply moving.
I just read Scott’s ‘My Story.’ I loved it. It really gripped me as I can relate to it in so many ways. Thanks for sharing. It’s further inspired this soul.