Scott Kranz
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Oregon's Abiqua Falls: A Place Like No Other

Yesterday I hit the road and headed south with one objective in mind for the day: to visit a waterfall that many believe is the most spectacular waterfall in Oregon - Abiqua Falls. A rough road and a short but steep trail leads you to a nearly perfect waterfall, falling nearly 100 feet into a basalt amphitheater shrouded in lichen, moss, and ferns. As it turns out, I've joined the bandwagon of people that call these falls their favorite. This place is a must-see if you're in the Portland, Oregon area! For more info, check out this adventure on the Outbound site, here.

A half-second exposure provides texture to the water flowing from the falls. You cannot tell, but my tripod and camera were perched a few feet in the water for this shot.

Balancing rocks, a common practice at these popular falls.

Kicking back and soaking up the beauty of this one-of-a-kind spot!