Scott Kranz
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Alberta's Glacier Lakes: Take 2

My first visit to the beautiful Canadian province of Alberta was earlier this year, in the month of May. Although it was a fantastic trip, I couldn't help but cringe when I learned that some of its most popular glacier lakes -- Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, to name a few -- thawed out and revealed their beautiful blue waters, several days after my return to the US.

Any feeling that I had "missed out" quickly faded away when another opportunity to return to Alberta this summer popped up. I couldn't wait to witness firsthand the impossibly blue waters of Moraine and Louise.

Well, I just returned from this follow-up trip, and, in my humble opinion, Alberta is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And its beautiful glacier lakes are one big reason why that is so. But you can be the judge! Please enjoy some of my favorite shots below.  (Prints available here!).

Lake Louise at sunset. The water was as blue and beautiful as they say! 

Colorful canoes wait along the shore of Moraine Lake, as the "Ten Peaks" hover above. Walking up to the shore of this lake was like stepping into a painting. Bucket-list material right here.

The classic vantage of Peyto Lake. Witnessing its bright turquoise water alone can make a trip to Alberta worthwhile.

Beautiful Bow Lake. It's virtually impossible to take bad photo here. In attempt to find a unique composition, I carefully positioned my DSLR camera about one inch above the water and captured a unique reflection of the mountain on the lake's gentle ripples. I vaguely see a face, do you?