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The Goal

Established in 1968, one of our country's wildest and most rugged national parks – North Cascades National Park – turns 50 years old this year. Although lesser known than most other national parks, it is home to some of the most pristine wilderness and remote mountain peaks outside Alaska. 

In an effort to shine a light on the beauty of this unique park and the issues it faces, I plan to climb and summit 50 peaks inside North Cascades National Park’s boundary during the 2018 climbing season.

Since moving from the Midwest to the Northwest in 2013, I've developed a strong sense of identity with North Cascades National Park. Through this project, I hope to raise awareness and appreciation for the park. In turn, I hope to inspire others to find, respect, and be enriched by their own national parks and local landscapes, at a time in America when public lands are at a tipping point.

Track Scott's Progress

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Check out the Interactive Map below, which lays out the 50 peaks! See which peaks I've summited so far and which ones have yet to be climbed this season.

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Donate to the Park

As part of my 50 Peaks climbing project, I'm raising money for North Cascades National Park through Washington's National Park Fund (WNPF). WNPF is the only philanthropic organization dedicated exclusively to supporting Washington State’s three great national parks through charitable contributions. Your donations will directly help and support the national park through funding for key projects in, for example, Volunteerism & Stewardship, Visitors’ Experiences, and Science & Research. If you’re one of the countless people in our country who love these iconic mountains and forests, please consider donating in the link below. Thank you for your support!


About Scott

Since moving to Washington State and discovering the North Cascades for myself in 2013, I've come to love North Cascades National Park and its wilderness like no other. I still remember first learning about the national park and planning my first hike, captivated by the thought of its wild, remote terrain. I slowly explored the park, discovering its beauty one hike or climb at a time. Eventually, the North Cascade peaks transformed my life, triggering my decision to transition from my original career as an attorney to a full-time outdoor photographer. The local landscape is now irrevocably etched into who I am, what I do, and how I see my place in the world. As a professional outdoor photographer and mountain climber, I've been fortunate enough to travel to all seven continents for projects and assignments, working with companies such as Eddie Bauer, Clif Bar, and Backpacker Magazine, among others. I now look forward to shedding light on this unique national park in my big backyard.


Sponsoring Partners

 A big thank you to the 50 Peaks Project sponsoring partner, Eddie Bauer, for believing in this project and the importance of our national parks and public lands.

A big thank you to the 50 Peaks Project sponsoring partner, Eddie Bauer, for believing in this project and the importance of our national parks and public lands.