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Alpine Journal is all about mountains. It's about their lure and challenge. It’s about the time we spend among their peaks – the good times and the bad, the serious and the humorous. It’s about the 2 a.m. alpine starts and long approaches that tighten the bonds among adventure buddies. It's about the climb up thousands of feet when your legs near exhaustion, and the last few steps onto the summit when the entire earth expands below you. It's about how our personal and collective experience of the mountains can unite us.

In 2013, my wife and I drove halfway across the United States from Minnesota to Washington State to start a new life. I ventured into the Cascade Range and discovered mountains for myself.

It started as a single hike to an alpine lake. Then it was routine weekend outings. After maxing out my weekend warrior status, I fit in mid-week sunrise and sunset hikes before and after my day job as an attorney. Hiking and backpacking turned into technical mountaineering and alpine climbing, growing as an outdoor photographer along the way.

I was fully captivated by mountains – both in mind and body. And eventually I read the writing on the wall: I wasn’t meant to spend my life sitting in an office in front of a computer screen, but rather experiencing and capturing the natural beauty in the mountains and beyond. The choice was clear – I walked out of my office for the last time and into a life of adventure.

Fast forward to today, I’ve made the mountains and the great outdoors part of my life’s work as a freelance outdoor photographer. As part of my assignments and projects I’ve experienced mountains on all Seven Continents – from the snowy volcanoes of Japan to the summit of Kilimanjaro in Africa; from the desolate ice-covered peaks of Antarctica to the wind-swept ranges of Iceland; and from New Zealand’s mighty Alps to the dizzyingly steep spires of Patagonia.

Mountains are found throughout the world. Once you discover and experience them – their grandeur, allure, and mystique – for yourself, there’s a good chance they’ll change your life. They did for me.

Thank you for reading and subscribing to Alpine Journal. I look forward to our talks of mountains.

Scott Kranz



Scott Kranz