Private Workshop Instruction

Private Workshop Instruction

from 90.00

One-on-one private workshop instruction, including in-person sessions (either in the field or in the greater Seattle area) or virtually via Skype or FaceTime.

Please review our Cancellation Policy before purchase.

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1-Hour or 2-Hour Sessions. Private workshop options include 1- or 2-hour sessions, often conducted virtually (via Skype or FaceTime) or in person in the greater Seattle area (at Scott's Ballard workspace or elsewhere).

Half-Day or Full-Day Sessions. Private workshop options also include instruction for approximately 5 hours (half day) or 10 hours (full day), either in the field, in person, or virtually (via Skype or FaceTime). 5-hour and 10-hour sessions may be conducted all at once or split up into shorter segments.

Group Workshop? The above pricing assumes 1 participant. If you're interested in a private workshop involving a group of 2-8 participants, please contact me at for more information.