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Photo:  Roger Lurie

Scott Kranz is a full-time commercial and editorial photographer and storyteller specializing in outdoor sports, outdoor lifestyle, landscape, and travel imagery.

With a fiery passion for the mountains and all things outdoors, Scott Kranz (@scott_kranz) specializes in capturing authentic moments in real adventures while surrounded by the most wild, rugged, and pristine beauty of North America and beyond.

Scott is not your typical creative. A philosophy graduate of a small liberal arts university in the Midwest, and a former attorney and juris doctor, Scott Kranz fully transitioned his original career into full-time commercial and editorial photography and storytelling, focusing on outdoor sports, outdoor lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography.




Photo Assignments

Big ideas coming to life. Brand-specific assignments creating powerful imagery and video that will help your brand stand apart. 


Image Licensing

Locate the perfect image from Scott’s entire photo library for your specific need – print ads, web banners, social content, magazines, and more. 


Video Creation

Seize the power of motion. Showcase your brand’s story and personality through compelling film and short-form video. 


Social Media Campaigns

Effectively market your brand’s unique story online through original, relevant social media content, reaching Scott’s engaged audience of over 350,000 outdoor enthusiasts. 


Blogs and Journals

Because words matter. The written story of your brand’s culture and products, supported with compelling imagery.


Events and Speaking Engagements

Partner with Scott to promote and host your next big event, talk, or workshop. 



Looking to better tell your brand's story through fresh, compelling imagery and video? Let's connect.